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Thème 2: Energie

Space junk

Space Junk

STEM Explained

Litter isn't just a problem on Earth. When litter ends up in space, it can cause collisions and other consequences for satellites, the International Space Station and even for people on Earth!

Tennis Balls

Bouncing Objects

Picture Collections

10 images of some spherical objects such as golf balls and tennis balls that are made of different materials and used for specific purposes

Woodpecker on a tree

Do Woodpeckers Get Concussions?

STEM Explained

Pecking puts a lot of force on a woodpecker’s brain. But scientists think woodpecker bodies are adapted to help keep them from being injured during pecking-related collisions.

Billiard balls and a cue stick on a felt-covered table (PIRO4D, Pixabay)

Billiards and Collisions

STEM Explained

The game of billiards shows the principles of collisions, momentum & impulse, and kinetics at work!