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Insulated food containers

Design and Build an Insulated Food Container

Students will design and build a prototype of a device to keep food cold for a specified time.

Michaella Chemello cuisinant et servant des crêpes au Stampede de Calgary

Michaella Chemello

Engineer in Training (Civil)

I am a Civil/Structural Engineer-In-Training at Fluor Canada.
Ryley Gray

Ryley Gray

Civil Structural Design Engineer

Ryley Gray is a Civil Structural Design Engineer for Fluor Canada Ltd.
Hut on a tiny island

How can we build a structure that protects toy people from wind?

Design and build a structure that protects toy people from the wind.

Anghel Saligny Bridge

Why is a Triangle a Strong Shape?

Triangles are very strong shapes which makes them important when building strong and stable structures

Camilla Sullivan

Camilla Sullivan

Tower and Mobile Crane Operator

Camilla Sullivan is a Tower and Mobile Crane Operator, located in Newfoundland.

Tall Towers & Sustainable Cities

Students will design and build a model apartment building and learn how buildings such as these can be a solution for suburban sprawl.

Student making structure with pasta and marshmallows

It's All in the Shape

Students look for shapes in structures and then build and test different frame structures for strength and stability.

CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Structures: Statues And Towers

8 images including the Statue of Liberty and various towers from around the world such as the Eiffel Tower, CN Tower and Xi'an Bell Tower

Inukshuk, Hudson Bay, Canada

Structures: In Canada

7 images of structures in Canada such as an Inukshuk, CN Tower and the Parliament Building including their locations

Great Pyramids At Giza, Egypt

Structures: Historical

11 images of structures with historical significance from different civilizations such as pyramids, statues on Easter Island and Stonehenge

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA

Structures: Bridges And Gates

5 images of some mass and frame structures from around the world such as the L’Arc de Triomphe gate and the Brooklyn Bridge

A column supporting the roof the Parthenon in Greece

Strong Shapes: Cylinders

Students develop and apply comparing & contrasting, observing and predicting skills as they explore the strength of cylinders made with different materials.

How tall can you build a marshmallow structure that will support weight?

How tall can you build a marshmallow structure that will support weight?

Are you willing to give up a sweet treat for the sake of science? Can you engineer a strong and stable structure out of something soft and fluffy?

Bee exiting a bee house

Design and Build a Bee House

Students will learn about the human impacts on bee populations as they design, test, build and observe a structure for solitary bees.