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Michaella Chemello cuisinant et servant des crêpes au Stampede de Calgary

Michaella Chemello

Engineer in Training (Civil)

I am a Civil/Structural Engineer-In-Training at Fluor Canada.
Ryley Gray

Ryley Gray

Civil Structural Design Engineer

Ryley Gray is a Civil Structural Design Engineer for Fluor Canada Ltd.
Hut on a tiny island

How can we build a structure that protects toy people from wind?

Design and build a structure that protects toy people from the wind.

A column supporting the roof the Parthenon in Greece

Strong Shapes: Cylinders

Students develop and apply comparing & contrasting, observing and predicting skills as they explore the strength of cylinders made with different materials.

Camilla Sullivan

Camilla Sullivan

Tower and Mobile Crane Operator

Camilla Sullivan is a Tower and Mobile Crane Operator, located in Newfoundland.
How tall can you build a marshmallow structure that will support weight?

How tall can you build a marshmallow structure that will support weight?

Are you willing to give up a sweet treat for the sake of science? Can you engineer a strong and stable structure out of something soft and fluffy?

Student making structure with pasta and marshmallows

It's All in the Shape

Students develop and apply observing, comparing & contrasting and drawing conclusions skills as they learn about the strength of various shapes in structures.

CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Structures: Statues And Towers

8 images including the Statue of Liberty and various towers from around the world such as the Eiffel Tower, CN Tower and Xi'an Bell Tower

Inukshuk, Hudson Bay, Canada

Structures: In Canada

7 images of structures in Canada such as an Inukshuk, CN Tower and the Parliament Building including their locations

Great Pyramids At Giza, Egypt

Structures: Historical

11 images of structures with historical significance from different civilizations such as pyramids, statues on Easter Island and Stonehenge

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA

Structures: Bridges And Gates

5 images of some mass and frame structures from around the world such as the L’Arc de Triomphe gate and the Brooklyn Bridge


Design & Build a Tall Tower

Students will work collaboratively to design and build the tallest free-standing tower they can with the materials provided.

Bee exiting a bee house

Design and Build a Bee House

Students will learn about the human impacts on bee populations as they design, test, build and observe a structure for solitary bees.

Forest Service Engineer

Careers: Engineer

5 images of some different engineers and their work places such as engineers at a hydroelectric plant, in a forest and at NASA

Measuring Flooring

Careers: Construction Worker

6 images of different types of work that someone involved in construction might do