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starliner spacesuit testing

Living Space

Students will measure environmental conditions such as temperature, CO2, and relative humidity in their classroom and submit the data to a national database.

Medical equipment used to check homeostasis

Introduction to Homeostasis and Regulation

Learn about homeostasis and how the body regulates temperature, blood pressure, blood pH and blood sugar.

Students studying outdoors on grass

The Benefits of Going Outside

Spending time outside has important physical and psychological benefits. It can even help you learn better!

International Space Station in the rays of the Sun

Temperature on Earth and on the ISS

Temperature is an important part of life on Earth and life in space. This backgrounder explains what temperature is, how it affects people and how it is controlled on the International Space Station.

Lighting inside the Destiny Laboratory Module

Light on Earth and on the International Space Station

This backgrounder explains what light is, how it is measured, and how it affects people on Earth and astronauts on board the International Space Station.

Condensation on the window of the Apollo 12 Lunar Module, November 1969

Humidity on Earth and on the ISS

Humidity is an important part of life on Earth and life in space. This backgrounder explains what humidity is, how it is measured and how it affects us both mentally and physically.

Kids camping

How Do Sleeping Bags Work?

How do our bodies get cold? How do sleeping bags keep us warm?

Woman having a panic attack

Chemical Equilibrium and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are scary and they upset your body’s chemical equilibrium. Learn what happens to acids & bases in your circulatory system during a panic attack.