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Unit D: Atomic Physics

portrait de Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff

Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff (she/her)

Career Profiles

Senior Manager, Project Controls

I lead a team that provides cost, schedule, risk, and reporting services to the Darlington New Nuclear Project, which will build Canada's first grid scale Small Modular Reactor.
General Electric-Hitachi Power Reactor Innovative Small Module

Redefining Energy with Small Modular Reactors


Learn about small modular reactor technology and its future in Canada.

Close up of the Sun’s surface

Solar Storms: Exploring the Sun's Explosive Outbursts


Learn about solar storms and how they impact Earth.

portrait de Sarah Eaton

Sarah Jane Eaton

Career Profiles


I lead a team that is responsible for licensing small modular reactors.
Andrea Bellingham

Andrea Bellingham (she/her)

Career Profiles

Emergency Management Programs Officer (Nuclear Engineer)

I work to prevent potential nuclear emergencies.
portrait de Gopolang Mohlabeng

Gopolang Mohlabeng (he/him)

Career Profiles

Assistant Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics

I do research on the smallest building blocks of life and how they affect our entire universe.
portrait de Brittany Tyler

Brittany Tyler (she/her)

Career Profiles

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Officer

I negotiate and implement Canada's nuclear non-proliferation import and export policy.
Marty Larabie

Marty Larabie (he/him)

Career Profiles

Radiation Inspector

I perform radiation safety inspections of persons who use nuclear material.
Lunar lander floating above the moon, with the Earth in the background

Let's Talk Space Exploration Resources


Discover a set of resources to develop background knowledge on the topic of space exploration.

Adrienne Ethier

Adrienne Ethier

Career Profiles

Environmental Risk Assessment Specialist

I am responsible for evaluating potential exposure risks to people and the environment near nuclear facilities and mines.
Portrait de Corie Houldsworth

Corie Houldsworth

Career Profiles


I perform inspections of worksites where radiation is used, stored or transported.
Green leaf inside

Green Energy


An overview of environmentally-friendly ways to generate electricity and power

Michelle Henry

Michelle Henry

Non-Destructive Testing Technician

I inspect metal parts on nuclear reactors to make sure they are in good working order.
Julie Thrasher au travail dans la salle de commande

Julie Thrasher

Career Profiles

Shift Manager (Nuclear Power)

I’m responsible for the safe and effective operation of a four unit nuclear power plant.
Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Career Profiles

Manager of Strategic Initiatives

I lead initiatives to improve leadership as well as the overall effectiveness of the organization.