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Five Senses

Vanessa Russell | Gestionnaire de projet du programme d'apprentissage

Vanessa Russell

Apprenticeship Program Project Manager

Vanessa Russell is an Apprenticeship Program Project Manager for Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada.
Two faces each with one eye visible

Why do we need two eyes to see?

Ever wondered why we have two eyes (and not one, three or more)? Find how your two eyes work together in this hands-on activity.

Graphic of a tuning fork with sound waves coming out of both sides.

Exploring Sound

Students will learn about and explore the properties of sound through activity centres.



5 images representing the senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching

Solid ice on the far cave wall and liquid water in the pool in front of it

Properties of Liquids and Solids

Students develop and apply observing, comparing & contrasting and predicting skills as they explore the properties of common liquids and solids.

Container of flour

Mystery Powders

Students investigate the properties of a variety of everyday solids (powders) and liquids to determine the identity of an unknown solid (mystery powder).

Is feeling always believing?

Is feeling always believing?

Get your hands cold for science and explore the topic of sensory adaptation.

How fast can you react?

How fast can you react?

What is a reflex? Test your reaction time and find out why reflexes are important in this challenge activity.

How does sound travel?

How does sound travel?

Try out this cool activity to hear sound vibrations.

How do I see colour?

How do I see colour?

How is light connected to the colours we see? In this STEAM activity make a colourful light catcher and discover why we see different colours?