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Electricity Transmission

Coiled copper wire

Why Wires?

Learn about how wires are produced and used.

Stacey Corbett

Stacey Corbett

Geographic Information Systems Manager

Stacey Corbett is a Geographic Information Systems Manager for EPCOR.
Colourful insulating wires

Introduction to Current Electricity

Learn about current electricity and why it should be handled safely

Electrical power lines near a home

Does Living Near High-Voltage Power Lines Cause Cancer?

Learn about the risks of electromagnetic radiation near high-voltage power lines.

Charging a cell phone

What If You Could Charge Your Phone Using Radio Waves?

Could we use radio waves to charge electrical technologies in the future?

City at night with transmission lines

Understanding Electricity Supply and Demand

Electricity demand changes constantly. Suppliers need to generate more electrical energy when demand is high, and less when demand is low.

Telegraph key used in Metcalfe, Ontario telegraph office (Ingenium)

Telegraph Key

The telegraph works by transmitting signals through an electrical circuit. Learn more and print your own telegraph key using this 3d model of a real artefact.

Kevin Hill - Regional Maintainer Forestry

Kevin Hill (Video)

Regional Maintainer

Kevin Hill is a Regional Maintainer, located in Ontario.
Kevin Hill | Agent d’entretien régional en foresterie

Kevin Hill

Regional Maintainer (Forestry)

Kevin Hill is a Regional Maintainer (Forestry) for Hydro One.