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Natural Resources

Kira Hoffman wearing red hard hat with smoke in the background

Kira Hoffman (she/her)

Career Profiles

Postdoctoral Researcher/Fire Ecologist

I am a researcher at both a university and a not-for profit organization where I am gaining experience to become a senior researcher.
Nancy Rogers standing on a rocky outcrop with Labradorite mineral insert

Nancy Rogers

Career Profiles

Genuine Prospector and Craftsperson

I travel to remote areas looking for signs of minerals and crystals.
portrait de Sarah Eaton

Sarah Jane Eaton

Career Profiles


I lead a team that is responsible for licensing small modular reactors.
portrait de Sarah Lockwood

Sarah Lockwood (she/her)

Career Profiles

Mine Geologist

I study the geology of an area to figure out where diamonds are located.
Pamela Power

Pamela Power (she/her)

Career Profiles

Water Resources Specialist

I provide technical review of projects that may affect water resources to ensure your community’s rights and interests are being considered and protected.
Marg Rutka

Marg Rutka

Career Profiles

Geoscience Editor

I edit geoscience maps, reports and digital data to ensure clarity in writing, consistency and accuracy prior to publication
Kaitlin Guitard

Kaitlin Guitard

Career Profiles

Water Quality Technician

I monitor the sea water at salmon farms for harmful plankton and jellyfish.
Mike Bryan

Mike Bryan (he/him)

Career Profiles

Hatchery Technician

I work at a fish hatchery in the aquaculture industry.
Portrait de Delia Warren

Delia Warren (she/her)

Career Profiles

Lead Renewables Consultant

I help companies get involved in the offshore wind energy sector.
portrait de Mairin Deith

Mairin Deith (she/her)

Career Profiles

Quantitative Ecologist

I study how large dams may affect salmon and explore the role of hatcheries in rebuilding fish stocks.
Chrystine Patoine in underground mine

Chrystine Patoine (She/Her)

Career Profiles

Blasting and Drilling Engineer

I calculate the best places to put explosives so we can reach underground ore deposits.
Nancy Duquet-Harvey

Nancy Duquet-Harvey

Career Profiles

Environmental Superintendent

I make sure that we don't harm the environment with our mining activities.
Portrait de Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell

Career Profiles

Hatchery Supervisor

My job is to supervise the daily workflow at our salmon hatchery.
Portrait de Graham Ballachey

Graham Ballachey

Career Profiles

Vice President, Engineering

I manage and oversee all the engineering work for a lithium mine development company.
Jessica Rideout

Jessica Rideout

Quarry Materials Compliance Officer

I inspect quarries to ensure that they are operated in compliance with provincial regulations.