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Mixtures & Solutions

Hand writing chemical equations

Chemical Equations

Learn about how to write and balance chemical equations.

Heating a liquid over a flame in a lab

Types of Chemical Reactions

Learn about the four main types of chemical reactions.

Colourful liquids and periodic table

Describing and Classifying Matter

Learn about the physical and chemical properties of matter.

Scoop of potting soil

What is Soil?

Learn about soil, soil texture and the various layers of soil.

A variety of lava lamps

Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are very interesting to look at. But they are also interesting examples of buoyancy, heat transfer and solubility!

What is immiscibility?

What is immiscibility?

Creating mixture of liquids can be very useful, but why do some liquids not mix well? Learn what causes liquids to be immiscible.

Container of flour

Mystery Powders

Students investigate the properties of a variety of everyday solids (powders) and liquids to determine the identity of an unknown solid (mystery powder).

Can we make butter?

Can we make butter?

Do you like butter? Find out how easy it is to make!