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Fresh Water

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Everyone wears clothes, no matter their socioeconomic background, age, or culture. The Clothing4Climate project encourages youth in Grades 7 to 12 to learn about the science behind climate change and the impact our clothing system has on the environment.

Rohan Hakimi headshot

Rohan Hakimi

Environmental Engineer, Integrated Water Management

I am an environmental engineer working to create sustainable storm water management and to protect our water resources.
Elaine Robichaud en randonnée avec vue sur le lac depuis le sommet d'une montagne

Elaine Robichaud

Hydrology Engineer

Elaine Robichaud is a Hydrology Engineer for Hydro-Quebec.
Checking the inside of a pipe

Crack the Code: Water Systems

Students learn about the water treatment process as they complete a digital “escape room” on a Google site.

Aerial of Gas well Marcellus Shale Formation in northern West Virginia

What is Fracking?

The fracking process gets natural gases out of rocks. This process can have effects on freshwater, water quality and even earthquakes!

Why is rain not salty?

Why is rain not salty?

Make a model of the water cycle and find out how water moves around on planet Earth.

What are the best materials to use for cleaning water?

What are the best materials to use for cleaning water?

Water is a precious natural resource. What happens if it gets polluted? Learn how water can be cleaned with this hands-on activity?


Fish: Freshwater

4 images of some fish such as koi that live in freshwater river and lake environments and in freshwater aquariums and garden ponds