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Do you see a face in that electric socket? (michaeljmc, iStockPhoto)

Facial Recognition and the Brain

Learn how your brain recognizes faces and why you sometimes see them in places they don’t exist!

Mahadeo Sukhai

Mahadeo Sukhai

Vice President of Research & International Affairs and Chief Accessibility Officer

Mahadeo Sukhai is the Vice President of Research & International Affairs and Chief Accessibility Officer for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).
Skyglow from a city and highway

Light Pollution

Light can be a type of pollution. Learn about the damage it causes to people and living things as well as how you can prevent it.

Eyeglasses and a visual test chart

How We See

Learn about how human vision works as well as some common types of vision problems.

Vanessa Russell | Gestionnaire de projet du programme d'apprentissage

Vanessa Russell

Apprenticeship Program Project Manager

Vanessa Russell is an Apprenticeship Program Project Manager for Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada.
Missing alt


Zoetropes are an early form of animation technology. Learn about this Ingenium artifact and make your own version of this artifact using 3D printing!

Colourful sunglasses

How Do We See Colour?

How does the human eye see visible light as colour? And why do some people see more colours than others?

How do movies move?

How do movies move?

Explore the concept of persistence of vision in this hands on activity.

How do I see colour?

How do I see colour?

How is light connected to the colours we see? In this STEAM activity make a colourful light catcher and discover why we see different colours?

woman with camera

Eye vs. Camera

The human eye lets us see the world by sending impulses to our nervous system. In many ways, it is very similar to other optical devices, including cameras.

Rachel Gardiner | Optométriste

Rachel Gardiner


Rachel Gardiner is an Optometrist located in Newfoundland.
Cary Supalo | Chercheur scientifique

Cary Supalo

Research Scientist

Cary Supalo is a research scientist for the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University.