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Clinical Trials

Medical Equipment and Instruments

Medicine and Science: Resources

Discover a set of resources designed to get you thinking about the intersection of medicine and science.

Montage visuel représentant les essais clinique (metamorworks, via istock)

Julia Paiva

Clinical Trials Feasibility Associate

Julia helps select countries and sites for clinical trials.
Jane McBride

Jane McBride

Clinical Trials, Country Lead

Jane monitors drug testing and clinical trials in Canada.
Working at laptop with stethoscope on desk

Summer Symposium Series: Health Sciences Career Resources

A career in the health sciences would let you help people directly in a very 'hands-on' way!

Scientist looking through a microscope

Where Do New Medicines Come From?

Learn how new medicines are developed and tested in Canada.

Image is of a close-up of the Yellow Fever virus.

Resources on Immunology

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to immunology.

Medical supplies and Canada flag

Creating a Vaccine for COVID-19 in Canada

Learn how vaccines are developed, how they work and how some scientists in Canada are researching vaccines for COVID-19.

Photo de Sandeep Padda

Sandeep Padda

Global Studies Manager

Sandeep Padda is a Global Studies Manager for Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche Canada).
Photo de Gavin Jaensch

Gavin Jaensch

Clinical Programmer

Gavin Jaensch is a Clinical Programmer for Roche Canada.
Photo de Ben Peacock

Ben Peacock

Director - Contracts, Pricing, Private payers and Pharmacy

Ben Peacock is the Director of Contracts, Pricing, Private payers and Pharmacy for Amgen Canada.
Paulo Covizzi headshot

Paulo Covizzi

Senior Manager, Development Operations

Paulo Covizzi is the Senior Manager of Development Operations for Amgen.
Iker Martin | Responsable du développement de nouveaux produits

Iker Martin

New Product Development Lead

Iker Martin is the New Product Development Lead for Amgen.
Nguyen-Vi Mohamed | Chercheuse postdoctorale en neuropathologies

Nguyen-Vi Mohamed

Postdoctoral fellow in Neuropathologies

Nguyen-Vi Mohamed is a Postdoctoral fellow in Neuropathologies at Dr Fon's laboratory.