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Essential Skills

Working group analyzing reports

How Does STEM Support Non-STEM Careers?

Students will explore how STEM skills are needed in non-STEM careers.

Career sector representatives

Exploring Career Sectors and Skills

Students will explore STEM career sectors and the skills required for a variety of STEM careers.

Image of delivery person and clock to represent being friendly, reliable and on time

Developing Successful Work Habits

Students will learn about work habits that can help them succeed in any career.

Bike lane in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

Design a Bike Lane

Students will plan the development of a bike lane and explore careers associated with such a development.

Aircraft mechanic

Aerodynamic Aviation Careers

Students will examine the aerodynamics of an airplane with the goal of improving an existing design and will explore careers associated with such a process.

Formal and informal education

The Role of Formal and Informal Education

Students will develop an understanding of the differences between, and value of, both formal and informal education in the career development process.

The Role of Personal Skills and Interests

The Role of Personal Skills and Interests

Students will further develop their understanding and appreciation of the importance of personal interests, skills, achievements as well as previous job skills and experiences to the career development process.

What influences our career choices?

What Influences our Career Choices?

Students will develop the understanding that there are many things that influence a person’s career choice.

What are essential skills?

What are Essential Skills?

Students will understand the importance of the Nine Essential Skills.
Students will recognize the importance of each Essential Skill in their future careers and lives.