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Career Preparation

Image of delivery person and clock to represent being friendly, reliable and on time

Developing Successful Work Habits

Students will learn about work habits that can help them succeed in any career.

Welding trainee

Exploring Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships

Students explore a variety of skilled trades careers and learn about training requirements.

Bike lane in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

Design a Bike Lane

Students will plan the development of a bike lane and explore careers associated with such a development.

Checking the inside of a pipe

Crack the Code: Water Treatment

Students learn about the water treatment process as they complete a digital “escape room” on a Google site.

Formal and informal education

The Role of Formal and Informal Education

Students will develop an understanding of the differences between, and value of, both formal and informal education in the career development process.

Learning About Educational Pathways

Learning About Educational Pathways

Students will be aware of and understand the importance of, various learning pathways that lead to successful life and work experiences.
Students will become aware of the variety of STEM careers available in each of these different learning pathways.