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The David Colcleugh Leadership Award for Let's Talk Science Outreach Coordinators

The David Colcleugh Leadership Award for Let's Talk Science Outreach Coordinators

2021 Award Winner:
Sarah Woodward, Let’s Talk Science at the University of British Columbia

Sarah Woodward

In her leadership role among the coordinator team at the University of British Columbia, Sarah has worked to establish environments that encourage and support learning, mentorship, representation and inclusivity. She has led multiple initiatives to ensure long-term success at her site with a focus on EDI, continuity, financial sustainability and strong relationships with both her team and key partners of her site.

​​​​​Learn more about the winner by watching their celebration video!

2021 Runners-Up:

Amaal Abdi, University of Ottawa

Over her time as a senior coordinator at the University of Ottawa, Amaal has advocated for youth in Black and Indigenous communities by helping transform the landscape of STEM to be more inclusive. She has taken an active role on the national Let’s Talk Science EDI coordinator committee as well as started a project with the goal of supporting Black youth in local high schools by encouraging them to pursue a career in STEM.


Lintao Hu, McGill University

As a site coordinator at McGill University, Lintao has put a strong focus on reaching underserved youth in communities that otherwise might not have access to the same opportunities. His understanding of the importance of building and developing strong relationships with others has helped form new partnerships at his site, such as with the Quebec homeschool network over the past year.

Past Winners:
  • 2020 – Jacqueline Barnett, University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus
  • 2019 – Sarah Purcell, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
  • 2018 – Michelle Lynn Trudel, University of Winnipeg
  • 2017 – Mannix Chan, University of Victoria
  • 2016 – Emily Ng, University of Calgary
  • 2015 – Rachel Ward-Maxwell, McMaster University
  • 2014 – Gabriel Potvin, University of Ottawa
  • 2013 – Frances Lasowski, McMaster University
  • 2012 – Megan Dodd, McMaster University
  • 2011 – Julie Mason, University of Toronto, St. George campus