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National Volunteer Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach

National Volunteer Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach

2021 Award Winner:
Kevin Zhang, Western University

Kevin Zhang

Kevin has developed various new and innovative virtual activities this year as part of Western University’s kit development volunteer committee. His student-centred approach to working in the classroom allows him to reach students of all abilities and encourages independent discovery to inspire futures in STEM fields.

Learn more about the winner by watching their celebration video!

2021 Runners-Up:

Aleen Shakeel, Ryerson University

Aleen has demonstrated the ability to empower other volunteers with her strong leadership skills as a volunteer at Ryerson University. This year, she has used her expertise in leading virtual programs and her understanding of the importance of coding to help transition various Computer Literacy classroom activities to an engaging virtual format.

Claire Poulin, University of Ottawa

Claire has shown outstanding passion, professionalism and commitment as a team leader at the University of Ottawa this year. In working with others on new initiatives and activities, such as on a new bioinformatics symposium, she continually provides the tools for others to succeed and creates more enriching materials for others at her site.

Emily O’Donnell, Université de Moncton  

Emily has used her remarkable teaching ability as a volunteer at the University of Moncton to serve as a role model and help students leave their comfort zones by using her own experience pursuing post-secondary education in her second language. She shows an eagerness and excitement to volunteer for new opportunities and inspires others at her site to volunteer.

Linda Muzamuzi, University of Manitoba

Linda has focused on reaching students of all different backgrounds in her assistant coordinator role at the University of Manitoba. She demonstrates considerable empathy and a strong willingness to learn through her development of workshops focusing on Indigenous Sciences and her planning and delivery of a myriad of outreach activities in French.

Past Winners:
  • 2020 – Madeson Todd, University of British Columbia
  • 2019 – Kristine Macalinao, University of Manitoba
  • 2018 – Jade Atkins, Carleton University
  • 2017 - Jennifer Neufeld, University of Ottawa
  • 2016 – Portia Kalun, McMaster University
  • 2015 – Curtis McCloskey, University of Ottawa
  • 2014 – Sue McKee, University of Ottawa
  • 2013 – Li Wang, University of Saskatchewan
  • 2012 – Gabriel Potvin, University of Ottawa
  • 2011 – Sara Rafferty, University of Ottawa