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National Volunteer Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach

National Volunteer Award, Let’s Talk Science Outreach

2022 Award Winner:
Anikka Swaby, McGill University

Anikka Swaby

Anikka leveraged her knowledge and expertise as a registered dietician to develop the Good Gut Bacteria kit which has been added to her local Let’s Talk Science kit library and has been adapted for multiple symposiums and homeschool workshops.

Learn more about the winner by watching their celebration video!

2022 Runners-Up:

Erin Smith, University of Ottawa

Erin has worked towards integrating foundational STEM skills into her science lessons through a variety of outreach opportunities this year, including the design of a critical thinking STEM challenge on the Aboriginal Mentorship Program team. Her commitment to fostering positive change is also evident by her active participation on the Black Youth in STEM initiative.

Jen Baron, University of British Columbia

Jen has empowered youth and helped to promote and support scientific literacy and critical thinking among youth as a volunteer for three years. Her experience volunteering with the Lessons in Ecology and Evolution Fundamentals (LEEF) program and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum has showcased her ability to adapt her teaching for diverse age groups and audiences.

Laurence Gagnon, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi   

Laurence has focused on making science accessible and uses effective questioning, flexibility and various teaching strategies to reach learners of all ages. She has volunteered for both local and national-led events, such as STEM Club, and through these activities has served as both a leader and role model to students, educators and other volunteers..

Linda Muzamuzi, University of Manitoba

Linda has demonstrated commitment to reaching students of all different backgrounds in her assistant coordinator role. She shows considerable empathy and a strong willingness to learn through the development of workshops focusing on Indigenous Sciences and the planning and delivery of a myriad of outreach activities in French, including a French Storytime Week..

Past Winners:
  • 2021 – Kevin Zhang, Western University,
  • 2020 – Madeson Todd, University of British Columbia
  • 2019 – Kristine Macalinao, University of Manitoba
  • 2018 – Jade Atkins, Carleton University
  • 2017 - Jennifer Neufeld, University of Ottawa
  • 2016 – Portia Kalun, McMaster University
  • 2015 – Curtis McCloskey, University of Ottawa
  • 2014 – Sue McKee, University of Ottawa
  • 2013 – Li Wang, University of Saskatchewan
  • 2012 – Gabriel Potvin, University of Ottawa
  • 2011 – Sara Rafferty, University of Ottawa