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The Daily Discovery Series Catapults Into the World of Physics

Teagan Phillips
Teagan Phillips
August 23, 2021

 Have you ever wondered what qualifies programming assistants of the Daily Discovery Series to conduct their experiments and create video content for little explorers?  

They get their undergraduate and master’s degrees solely so they can test gravity and build catapults, of course (we’re joking, of course)!  

Programming Assistants are into the thick of things past the midway point of the Daily Discovery Series, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. A few of the coordinators had to step up their time management as they had to film multiple videos in one week, while others struggled with their experiments, forcing them to do several takes at a time. Genevieve, our week one feature, recalled learning about gravity in school but struggled to simply explain the concept, even managing to confuse a friend!  

In week three, marine biology and ocean sciences graduate Cassidy left her comfort zone in the ocean to head towards the edge of the universe. 

But this week, Teagan Phillips, a physics major at the University of British Columbia, was fortunate enough to share what she loves and studies. For Teagan, the fourth week of the Daily Discovery Series saw her excel, given the opportunity to teach little explorers her passion. 

Teagan Phillips


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Teagan wrote and filmed the English catapults video. Even with her extensive background in physics, Teagan had to overcome a few misfires before she managed to get her projectile to fly away from the catapult. It's essential that participants recognize that there are quite a few bloopers behind the perfectly curated videos!  

There is a lot more to Teagan than just physics. In October, she will attend the University of Cambridge, where she will study the history and philosophy of science. But wait until you read what she wants to pursue as a career! 

“There aren’t many female presenters in science on television. I want to be a presenter on TV for a show about science, the history of science, and especially the history of physics.” While the great Alex Trebek got his start on a high school pop quiz show, Teagan could have hers on the Daily Discovery Series! 

Teagan isn’t the only one who enjoyed this week’s activities. Gardy, who will be featured in next week’s blog, came up with an interesting way to explain physics. Instead of having himself sit down and do the talking, he dressed up as his genius twin, complete with a mustache and lab coat, and explained the concepts! Gardy’s invention proves that the summer programming assistants aren’t just fueling innovation and creativity in little explorers, but in themselves as well! 

For Teagan, physics is the gateway to a career on television. Inspiring young female scientists to break boundaries and dare to dream, physics and STEM have real-world applications no matter where you look or what you are doing.  

“What I love about physics is that it changes the way you look at the world. You can understand the forces and energy changes that are taking place within the catapult to launch projectiles. Once you understand why something moves the way it does, you can often find ways to make it move faster or to direct it where you want it to go.” 


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