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Career Search

Career Search

Justin Rotman headshot

Justin Rotman

Founder & CEO

I help to determine business strategy and lead our team to serve our customers and build our product.
Jim Wei tenant un drone

Jim Wei

Associate GIS Analyst

I use online mapping software and programming skills to help solve real-world problems in the environmental and health industries.
Portrait de Corie Houldsworth

Corie Houldsworth


I perform inspections of worksites where radiation is used, stored or transported.
Hayleigh Conway posant sur une carte des TNO et désignant Inuvik sur la carte. Pris lors de la Journée du SIG 2017.

Hayleigh Conway (she/her)

Geomatics Technician

I make maps that help answer questions about the health of the environment in the Western Arctic.
Annie Martin at work

Annie Martin

Portfolio Manager for the Health Beyond Initiative

Ilias Hader

Ilias Hader (he/him)

Artificial Intelligence Consultant & Team Leader

I help companies take advantage of AI technologies and I manage a team to build an automated food production system for long space missions. 
Joshua Walton derrière le volant d'un véhicule à l'essai.

Joshua Walton

Operations Leader, Vehicle Testing

I oversee the day-to-day operations of GM’s testing facility to make sure our vehicles can withstand the most extreme cold weather conditions.
Sarah Raddatz

Sarah Raddatz

Structural Designer

I use software to create building models in 3D and 2D formats to make plans before the construction of the project.
Frances Edmonds

Frances Edmonds

Head of Sustainable Impact

Frances works with customers and governments to show them how to buy technology with sustainability in mind.
Umar Siddiqi

Umar Siddiqi

Cyber Security Sales Engineer

I work with TELUS's corporate customers to identify any gaps related to their cybersecurity practices.
Ryan Delaurier headshot

Ryan Delaurier

Land Surveyor

I use specialized GPS equipment to perform land surveys.
Nick Di Scipio

Nick Di Scipio

Co-owner of a 3D Printing Business

Alan Locke au travail

Alan Locke

Research Technologist

Ignacio Tartavull

Ignacio Tartavull


Ignacio started a business that builds and operates remotely controlled food-delivery robots.
Sasha Luccioni

Dr. Sasha Luccioni

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Sasha Luccioni is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Université de Montréal / MILA.
Amanda Buer

Amanda Buer

Project Manager & Consultant

Amanda Buer is a Project Manager & Consultant for ESRI Canada.
Renso (Ralph) Ronquillo sur un pont

Ralph Renso Ronquillo

Spatial Information Analyst

Ralph Renso Ronquillo is a Spatial Information Analyst for the Government of British Columbia.
Stacey Corbett

Stacey Corbett

Geographic Information Systems Manager

Stacey Corbett is a Geographic Information Systems Manager for EPCOR.
Britnee Mishak au travail

Britnee Mishak

Print Service Clerk

Britnee Mishak is a Print Service Clerk for the City of Regina.
Tyson Haverkort en vidéoconférence

Tyson Haverkort

Geospatial Solutions Specialist

Tyson Haverkort is a Geospatial Solutions Specialist for Teck Resources Ltd.
Therese Morris

Therese Morris

GIS Consultant & Business Owner

Therese Morris is a GIS Consultant & Business Owner for Sirrom Technical Mapping Services (STeMS).
Maria Skyers

Maria Skyers

Development Services Project Supervisor

Maria Skyers is a Development Services Project Supervisor for the City of Surrey.
Megan Chambers

Megan Chambers

Structural Design Technologist

Megan Chambers is a Structural Design Technologist for ISL Engineering.
Nichole Rama

Nichole Rama

Civil Inspector

Nichole Rama is a Civil Inspector for British Columbia Hydro.
Hollee Heal sur un site de travail

Hollee Heal

Health, Safety, Environmental Coordinator

Hollee Heal is the Health, Safety, Environmental Coordinator for Northern Mat and Bridge LP.
Erin Karaim à un événement de l'ASTTBC

Erin Karaim

Civil Engineering Technician

Erin Karaim is a Civil Engineering Technician for WSP, located in British Columbia.
Photo de Kelty MacEachern

Kelty MacEachern

Intermediate Security Operations Analyst

Kelty MacEachern is an Intermediate Security Operations Analyst for Finning.
Alex Himmelman devant l'immeuble où il travaille

Alex Himmelman

Atlantic Director

Alex Himmelman is the Atlantic Director for the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defense Association.
Andrea Ruohoniemi | Technicienne en génie des armes

Andrea Ruohoniemi

Weapons Engineering Sonar Technician

Andrea Ruohoniemi is a Weapons Engineering Sonar Technician for the Royal Canadian Navy.
Ingo Gulde | Conseiller principal en développement durable

Ingo Gulde

Principal Consultant for Sustainability

Ingo Gulde is the Principal Consultant for Sustainability at SAP.
Tack Chen | Administrateur de réseau

Tack Chen

Network Administrator

Tack Chen is the Network Administrator for Randstad Canada.
Almond Au | Ingénieur client chez Google

Almond Au

Customer Engineer

Almond Au is a customer engineer who solves complex problems with Google.
Patrick LeClair | Technicien en CDAO, spécialiste des ponts

Patrick LeClair

Bridge CADD Technician

Patrick LeClair is a Bridge CADD Technician for the Government of Prince Edward Island.
Elie Harfouche | Software Engineering Student and Game Developer

Elie Harfouche

Software Engineering Student and Game Developer

Ellie Harfouche is a software engineering student and game developer.
Kevin Lee | Policier et opérateur de véhicule télécommandé

Kevin Lee

Police Officer / R.O.V. Operator

Kevin Lee is a Police Officer / R.O.V. Operator for the Toronto Police Marine Unit.
Kevin Lee - Police Officer

Kevin Lee (Video)

Police Officer

Kevin Lee is a Police Officer in the Toronto Marine Unit.
Jason Carignan - Technicien de mines

Jason Carignan (Video)

Mine Technician

Jason Carignan is a Mine Technician, located in Ontario.
Arnaud Lina | Directeur, recherche et innovation

Arnaud Lina

Director, Research and Innovation

Arnaud Lina is a Director of Research and Innovation at Matrox.
Michael Hiatt | Scientifique, STEMCELL Technologies

Michael Hiatt


Michael Hiatt is a Scientist at STEMCELL Technologies.
Valerie Song | Présidente-directrice générale d’ AVA Technologies Inc.

Valerie Song


Valerie Song is the CEO of Ava technologies Inc. in British Columbia.
Jason Carignan | Technicien minier

Jason Carignan

Mine Technician

Jason Carignan is a mine technician at Lac Des Iles Mines.
Michael Loder |  Directeur général et technologue en génie biomédical

Michael Loder

General Manager & Biomedical Engineering Technologist

Michael Loder is a General Manager & Biomedical Engineering Technologist for Biolantic Services Inc.
Spencer Turbitt - CEO & Director of iApotheca Healthcare Inc.

Spencer Turbitt (Video)

Technology Entrepreneur

Spencer Turbitt is a Technology Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.
Colin Roos - CEO & Co-Founder

Colin Roos (Video)

Technology Entrepreneur

Colin Roos is a Technology Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.
Larisa Morier | Monsanto Canada

Larisa Morier

Technology Development Data Manager

Larisa Morier is a Technology Development Data Manager for Monsanto Canada.
Becki Peckham | Graphic Graphiste et photographe, Bold Creative

Becki Peckham

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Becki Peckham is a graphic designer and photographer at Bold Creative.
Benjamin Peddle | Archiviste

Benjamin Peddle


Benjamin Peddle is an archivist at Dawson City Museum, located in Yukon.
Stephen Myles Burry | Technologue en architecture

Stephen Myles Burry

Architectural Technologist

Stephen Myles Burry is an Architectural Technologist for DBA Consulting Engineers.