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Let's Talk Sports Science Resources

College basketball players engaged in a game

Women's basketball match between Ontario Tech and Waterloo (Ontario Tech Ridgebacks, Flickr)

College basketball players engaged in a game

Women's basketball match between Ontario Tech and Waterloo (Ontario Tech Ridgebacks, Flickr)


How does this align with my curriculum?

Discover a list of resources to get you thinking about STEM and sports for the Let's Talk Sports Science symposium.

Athletic competition is one of humanity's oldest and most cherished traditions. The cave paintings of Lascaux, dating back over 15,000 years, depict humans engaging in the sport of wrestling. The ancient Greek Olympics featured a number of the individual sports we are familiar with today, including long jump and javelin throwing. Even hockey, Canada's unofficial national sport, has its origins in the 7th Century B.C.E., when Greek athletes first batted around a ball with curved sticks. 

The Let's Talk Sports Science Symposia is a series of virtual events that will highlight the intersection of sports research with various subjects in science, math and engineering. 

Let's Talk Sports Science is an event series for high school students offered Let's Talk Science and SciXChange. It is being facilitated jointly by Let’s Talk Science teams at Toronto Metropolitan University, L'Université de Sherbrooke and L'Université du Québec à Montréal. An event organized with the French Embassy in Canada and the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. These events are part of Fête de la Science.

The Symposia will be a series of virtual events available for high school students each featuring a different theme related to sports and science. At each event, students will be able to hear from experts in different themes and engage in hands-on activities that explore different aspects of the themes. The themes will be: Diversity in Sports, Nutrition, Data Science in Sports, Biomechanics, and a francophone event that is generally themed on the science of sports Below are a set of resources and career profiles to get you thinking about the sort of topics and themes that lie at the crossroads of sport and science. 


Pitcher holding a baseball

Why Do Curveballs Curve?

Bernoulli’s equation is key to understanding why curveballs curve.

People playing ice hockey

Why Do Ice Rinks Stay Frozen?

Every ice rink is an example of molecular bonding and gas laws at work!

Cartoon woman on a surfboard

The Physics of Surfing

Learn about the history of surfboards, and how different materials and designs over the years affected the physics at work in surfing.

Teenage boys arm wrestling at school

Arm Wrestling and Torque

Arm wrestling isn’t just a test of strength. It’s also a test of how well you understand torque.

Wingsuit flying over Massachusetts

Soaring for Sport

Ever dreamed if overcoming gravity and flying away? Using aerodynamics, wingsuit jumpers get as close to flight as humanly possible.

Students studying outdoors on grass

The Benefits of Going Outside

Spending time outside has important physical and psychological benefits. It can even help you learn better!

A group of teens riding bicycles

How Can Understanding Physics Help Me Go Faster on My Bike?

You don’t have to pedal harder to go faster. You just have to understand a little bit about dynamics, gravitational force and friction!

Ice technician on a zamboni at an outdoor skating rink

The Hidden Heroes of Hockey!

Ice Technicians use math and physics in order to keep the ice ready for hockey.

Billiard balls and a cue stick on a felt-covered table (PIRO4D, Pixabay)

Billiards and Collisions

The game of billiards shows the principles of collisions, momentum & impulse, and kinetics at work!

Career Profiles