Learning Strategies

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

This is an individual or small group learning strategy which is used to help students develop online research capabilities as they “hunt” for selected pieces of information using predetermined “clues.”
Students making a plan


Planning is a thinking skill that involves identifying methods, materials and a sequence of events to reach a goal, complete a project or accomplish a task.
Students observing


The skill of observing involves using all of the senses, as appropriate, to find out about the characteristics, properties and attributes of objects, places and events.
Children sorting recycled objects

Sorting & Classifying

The process of sorting involves grouping objects or events according to their similarities whereas the process of classifying involves grouping objects or events into pre-determined groups.
Student recording data

Recording Data

The skill of recording data involves the documenting of data and observations in a variety of forms in order to preserve it for later use.