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Learning Strategies

Puzzle of a human head with a light bulb coming out of the top

Used to Think, Now I Think

This strategy helps students reflect on how their understanding or thinking may have shifted after exploring or learning about a concept, idea, or perspective.

A diverse group of students reading from notebooks and smiling

Gallery Walk

This learning strategy provides students with the opportunity to walk around a classroom, actively engaging with content and each other.

Traffic lights, red yellow and green

Traffic Lights

This strategy helps students pause and reflect on how they are feeling about a concept or idea.

Thinking youth

Here’s What!... So What?... Now What?

This strategy helps students challenge and reflect on ideas, understandings and perspectives.

Child looking at sticky notes that have been stuck to the camera

Generate, Sort, Synthesize

This strategy helps students explore and synthesize information while incorporating and honoring individual points of view.

Venn diagram of differently coloured circles


This strategy helps students build relationships within a small group by identifying commonalities, distinctions, and areas of expertise.

Crumpled yellow paper made to look like a lightbulb


This learning strategy helps students activate prior knowledge or share ideas in an anonymous, safe way.

Group of people brainstorming

First Turn, Last Turn

This strategy helps students collaborate and practice active listening by taking turns to offer insights without cross-talking.

Girl writing notes down onto a clipboard with another girl behind her.

Walk Around Survey

In this learning strategy, students walk around the room to gather information from their peers.

Unrolling paper scroll

Annotated Text Scrolls

This strategy helps students comprehend large blocks of text by looking at and annotating the text in a continuous scroll format.

A stack of blocks with the number 1, 2, and 3


This strategy helps students summarize and engage with new content.

Carousel on a sunny day

Carousel Brainstorm

This strategy helps students generate ideas in response to prompts and build on the ideas of others.

Chat discussion icons

Say Something

This strategy helps students participate actively in group discussions.

Page from a dictionary

Visual Dictionary

This strategy helps students develop a deeper understanding of new words or concepts.

Two students having a discussion

AB Each Teach

This strategy helps students identify key ideas from a text, video, or other content and share these with a partner.