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LIVE STEM 23-24: Wheels for Change: Transportation's Role in Climate


: 9-10
: Free
Teens on wheels

Due to a staff illness, we need to postpone the job-embedded opportunity originally scheduled for Tuesday, May 14.
However, there's good news! We're working to secure a new date. 


While you wait for the rescheduled event, check out our "Travel4Climate" resources. This section explores the science behind climate change and its impact on transportation.

Leverage climate education into student engagement during this limited-time job-embedded opportunity. 

During Wheels for Change: Transportation’s Role in Climate, a Let’s Talk Science facilitator will guide you and your class in a lesson focusing on brainstorming and reflection strategies that help students make sense of transportation’s impact on the environment. 

At the same time, educators will learn easy-to-implement strategies, insights, and inspiration for implementing collaboration within the classroom. 

Save Your Spot - it's free

This session will be 45 minutes long. If you can't attend live, a recording is available in the supporting course within 72 hours. You must register to access the course. This experience is linked to the Travel4Climate action project

“It opened dialogue on different aspects of climate change and climate science with my students. I enjoyed being able to have guided discussions with them.”

Educator Outcomes

  • Gain additional curriculum-aligned, ready-to-use teaching resources for your classroom.   
  • Experience the impact of Professional Learning without booking time off.     
  • Receive a Learning Pathways micro credential by completing the LIVE STEM course. 
  • Experience a lesson modelled on brainstorming and reflection strategies that help students make sense of new information. 
  • Get unique insights on strategies and inspiration for promoting collaborative strategies. 

Student Outcomes

  • Opportunity to work collaboratively to help shape their understanding of greenhouse gases and transportation’s environmental impact. 
  • Gain an understanding of how they can improve their community

Meet your facilitator

Saskatchewan-based Stephanie Gaudet has been teaching for the past 19 years. She is a continuous learner who is very involved in her community. Stephanie has been facilitating LIVE STEM broadcasts since 2019. 

Learn more about Stephanie