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As the world shifts to support students’ online learning, the inequity gap is growing quickly. Children with little or no access to devices and/or internet are being left behind. The Horizon Project offers the gift of learning for vulnerable children in Grades 4-6 across Canada

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Let’s Talk Science has worked with many diverse partners to create the Horizon Project, providing vulnerable youth in Grades 4-6 with fun, free, hands-on STEM and literacy activities that require no internet access. Every package includes an engaging activity workbook, supplies to do the activities, an age-appropriate book and other surprises, including a contest to win more than 200 prizes.

These packages will be distributed by over 110 food banks and other community organizations across Canada that support vulnerable youth. Together, we hope to inspire participating youth to dream about their futures and have fun exploring STEM.

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To help us reach even more youth across Canada, please consider a donation to support the Horizon Project’s direct costs.

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Questions from distribution partners

Q: We need more packages
A: Please contact Elisabeth Butler at to make a second request. Once all kits have been distributed we will reevaluate to determine if a reprint is required.

Q: We have leftover packages
A: If you have less than 50 (2 cartons) is there another place in their community that could distribute them (library, community center, school, etc). If you have more than 50 and can’t think of another local partner, we will make arrangements with you to ship them back to the National Office. From there we can redistribute to other kids across the county.

Q: We need a different language
A: How many copies do you need and in what language? The kits were produced in English and French. If you require more than 25 copies, please send a new request. 

Q: Where do I redirect recipient’s questions?
A: Each booklet has a letter at the front giving contact information to the recipients if they have any questions.

Questions from recipients

Q: I’m a teacher/community group leader/etc – can I have more copies for my group?
A: Yes, although kits are limited. Please keep them for the intended audience of youth ages 9-12 or in Grades 4-6 who have limited opportunities to access learning and e-learning. Please contact to request more copies.

Q: Can I have another package for my other child?
A: Unfortunately we do not ship individual packages or small numbers of packages at this time. Please try connecting through the community partner who gave you the package. Many activities in the kit can be done as a family. There are tips for involving the whole family on the last page of the book.

Q: There is something missing in the package, what can I do?
A: Is there another material you can find at home that you can substitute for the missing item? For example, use a shoelace instead of twine.

Q: How is this project funded?
A: The Horizon Project is possible thanks to Let's Talk Science's project delivery partners for their vision and to our many donors who generously contributed to the project.

Q: Is it possible to get this in another language?
A: The Horizon kits were produced in both English and French. Unfortunately, we do not ship individual packages or small numbers of packages at this time. Please check with the centre where you received your book to see if they have another language available. We can also send you an electronic copy of the booklet in the other language. Please contact Elisabeth Butler at to request an electronic copy.

Q: How to return the survey and other documents?
A: Use the business reply envelope in the package to return the information at no cost. 

Q: Questions about the draw
A: Youth who complete the question ‘when you dream about your future, what interests you?’ will be entered for a draw for a number of prizes. Each week for 8 weeks, 25 names will be drawn for prizes. Winners can only win one prize. Youth are not required to complete Little Inventors or survey questions to be eligible but are encouraged to do so.

Q: Question about how to do a specific activity
A: Please contact Elisabeth Butler at if you have questions about a specific activity.


Contest Details

Recipients can enter to win one of 200 prize packages!

To enter a recipient must:

  1. Answer the question “When you dream about your future, what interests you?”
  2. Complete the entry form
  3. Return the Contest Entry Form in the pre-paid envelope found in the Horizon Project package

Starting September 25, we will draw 25 entries each week to award randomly chosen prize packs until supplies are exhausted. At this time, there are still plenty of prizes available!

Prizes packages could include:

  • a one-year subscription to Owl Magazine or Les Débrouillards
  • play packages from Scholar’s Choice and
  • book prize packages from Owl publishing and Little Inventors.

There is no purchase necessary to participate. Full contest details can be found on our Contest Rules page.


Thank You

Thanks to Let's Talk Science's project delivery partners for their vision and to our many donors who generously contributed to the project.

Arctic Buying Company Inc Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation Canadian Commission for UNESCO
Canadian Space AgencyLes Débrouillards First Book Canada
Food Banks CanadaFraser Direct Frontier College
Little InventorsMining Matters Mormark Print Productions Inc.
Owl MagazinePurolator Rideau Hall Foundation
Scholar's Choice

Amgen CanadaNSERC
Rio Tinto Toyota Canada Foundation Trottier Family Foundation
Azrieli Foundation Chamandy Foundation
Verschuren/ Shibinsky Families
Blachford Group DOW Chemical Company Fluor Corporation
Gerald Heffernan
Lockheed Martin

The Horizon Project is supported by The Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, Community Foundations of Canada and:

Thank you to our anonymous donors and those who supported this project through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.
This project and others wouldn’t be possible without Let’s Talk Science donors.

Read On Canada!

Let’s Talk Science is also proud to contribute four STEM activities into the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation's Read On Canada! workbook. The initiative is making more than 130,000 books available to families through food bank partners and sharing fun activities online at The goal is to inspire all children to ‘read on’ as the school year officially comes to an end and the pandemic stretches into summer.