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Winston Campeau headshot

Winston Campeau

Researcher - Evolutionary Processes

I use computer simulations and math to research how animals' behavior changes when their environment changes.
Yellow fever virus

Where Did Viruses Come From?

Viruses are not living things - so where did they come from? Scientists have proposed three different hypotheses.

Kara Layton sous l'eau en habit de plongée sous-marine

Kara Layton

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kara Layton is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Arctic pack ice

Why Don't Fish Freeze in Cold Arctic Waters?

Ever wonder how fish survive in the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic? It’s partly because of a brilliant evolutionary adaptation.

fossil plants and animals

Why Scientists Believe in Evolution

Scientists have accumulated so much evidence in the theory of evolution that it is one of the most widely-accepted theories in science.


Why are Guppies so Diverse?

Different members of a species can have different traits. You can see this in a species found at your local pet store - guppies!

 Looking up in a forest

Talking Trees: How do Trees Communicate?

Humans use the internet to communicate. Similarly, trees use a complex underground network of fungi. These relationships are examples of symbiosis.

Cartoon mammoth

Should Scientists Clone Extinct Species?

Cloning makes it possible to bring extinct species back to life. But is that a good idea?

Great tits eat from a bird feeder

Natural Selection in Your Backyard

A study on bird feeders and beak sizes shows how an everyday human activity can affect the evolution of another species.

dung beetle rolling dung

How to Find a Mate When You Smell Like Dung

Some dung beetles use alternative reproductive tactics to increase their chances of finding a mate. Learn what this tells us about evolution and biodiversity.

Dinosaur footprint fossil

How did dinosaurs leave fossils behind?

Using a toy dinosaur and some plaster of Paris, learn how dinosaur footprints could become fossils.

fancy guppies

Guppies, Guppies Everywhere!

How do different populations adapt to their environment? Let’s explore this concept through guppy speciation.

Ella Harvey | gestionnaire de données chez OLD (Barcode of Life Data System).

Ella Harvey

Data Manager

Ella Harvey is a data manager at BOLD (Barcode of Life Data System).