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The three RADARSAT Constellation Mission spacecraft

7 ways Satellites Help Fight Climate Change

Discover 7 ways satellite Earth observation helps fight climate change.

Satellites orbiting Earth

Introduction to Satellites

Learn about the history, functions, and types of satellites.

Marty Robitaille pilotant un aéroglisseur

Marty Robitaille

Hovercraft Captain

Road construction in winter

Heavy Equipment in Winter

Learn how people keep heavy equipment working in the most challenging conditions

Windy hillside

Weather: Wind

Learn what causes wind and how to measure it.

Weather map of Canada

Weather: Atmospheric Pressure

Learn about the layers of the atmosphere, atmospheric pressure, pressure systems and fronts.

Warm and cool Earth

Weather: Temperature

Temperature affects the way we live, the clothes we wear and activities we do. But how does temperature vary across the globe?


Weather: Precipitation

Learn about humidity and the many forms of precipitation.

Clouds seen from an airplane

Weather: Clouds

This backgrounder describes the three major types of clouds.

Screen capture from the MinuteEarth video “Why are there clouds?”

How Do Clouds Form?

Learn how cumulus clouds form.

Cartoon leaf holding an umbrella over baby plant

What is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is any precipitation that has an unusually low pH. It can be rain, snow, fog, etc. But what is a low pH and why is this a problem?

Weather Map

Why is the weather so hard to predict?

Meteorologists use computer models to predict the weather. Learn why, despite advances in computer science, meteorologists still get it wrong sometimes.

Battery of Stiger Vortex rainmaking guns at Charleville, Australia, in 1902

What is Cloud Seeding?

Cloud seeding is a type of weather modification. Learn about cloud seeding, as well as its risks and benefits.

Smoke from a crop-duster shows wake turbulence

What is Air Turbulence?

Learn about the science behind the four main causes of turbulence.

Hurricane Katrina as seen from space

Where Do Hurricanes Come From?

Hurricanes are a kind of tropical cyclone. But where do they come from? And why do they cause so much damage? This article will answer all your storm-related questions!