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Soil management

Caroline Richard - Engineer in the mining industry

Caroline Richard

Geotechnical Engineer

I work in the mining industry and manage the waste materials created during ore extraction.
The three RADARSAT Constellation Mission spacecraft

7 ways Satellites Help Fight Climate Change

Discover 7 ways satellite Earth observation helps fight climate change.

Image of a tide pool

Diversity of Canada’s Marine Coastal Habitats

Learn about the plants and animals in Canada’s marine coastal habitats, and what you can do to protect them.

Clothing4Climate header image illustration and logo


Everyone wears clothes, no matter their socioeconomic background, age, or culture. The Clothing4Climate project encourages youth in Grades 7 to 12 to learn about the science behind climate change and the impact our clothing system has on the environment.

Hands holding soil and a small plant

The Dirt on Soil Conservation

If I asked you to name a few things that all life on the planet couldn’t live without you could probably come up with some good answers, but I bet you’d never think to say dirt.

What makes soil hard and compacted?

What makes soil hard and compacted?

Explore how walking on soil changes how water soaks into the ground and why that matters to gardeners and farmers.

How does a wheelbarrow help you carry heavy loads?

How does a wheelbarrow help you carry heavy loads?

In this hands on activity build a wheelbarrow from simple materials to explore just how useful simple machines can be!

How do I construct a terrarium?

How do I construct a terrarium?

You can make your own terrarium for growing plants!

Measuring Slope Of Soil

Careers: Soil Scientist

5 images some work that a scientist who studies the Earth's soil might do such as classifying types of soil and measuring the slope of soil

Landscaper Planting

Careers: Landscaper

5 images of some work that landscapers might do such as planning, planting and maintaining gardens


Careers: Horticulturalist

5 images of some work that horticulturalists might do such as cultivating and caring for plants in various environments

Feeding The Cows

Careers: Farmer

5 images of some work that farmers do such as feeding cows, planting fields and harvesting grain