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Heat and Energy

Green leaf inside

Earth Month: Green Energy

An overview of environmentally-friendly ways to generate electricity and power our vehicles

Photographie inbtermittente des étoiles de la Voie lactée, dans l'hémisphère sud du Chili, par Rodrigo Vidal.

Rodrigo Vidal

Architect, Teacher

Hands holding a hot mug

Introduction to Heat Transfer

Learn about the different ways that heat is transferred.

Some examples of biomass

Generating Electricity: Biomass

Learn how biomass can be used to generate electricity.

Coal and natural gas fueled generator near Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Generating Electricity: Fossil Fuels

Learn how energy from fossil fuels can be used to generate electricity.

Eric experimenting friction with different objects

ScienceXplosion - Friction and Reality

Rub... rub... rub... Can you feel the heat? Yes? It's friction! In this episode of ScienceXplosion, Eric learns how friction creates heat and can slow down moving objects. It's not magic, it's science!

Eric and his rocket

ScienceXplosion - The Era of the Air Pump

On this episode of ScienceXplosion, Eric makes a bottle rocket.

hermographic image a woman’s head and neck

Thermal Imaging

Learn about uses of thermal imaging as a medical imaging technology.

People playing ice hockey

Why Do Ice Rinks Stay Frozen?

Every ice rink is an example of molecular bonding and gas laws at work!

starliner spacesuit testing

Living Space

Students will measure environmental conditions such as temperature, CO2, and relative humidity in their classroom and submit the data to a national database.

Kids camping

How Do Sleeping Bags Work?

How do our bodies get cold? How do sleeping bags keep us warm?

A person’s hand holding a cold pack on an ankle

The Cold Pack: A Chilly Example of an Endothermic Reaction

When you hurt your ankle, thermodynamics can help you heal! An endothermic reaction reduces the swelling by cooling your injury.

Above: Tires on a Boeing 737 (Wikimedia Commons/Politikaner)

How do an Airplane's Tires Help It Land Safely?

Manufacturing and engineering airplane tires is important work! Learn how airplane tires keep the aircraft safe during takeoff and landing.

Heat pump diagram

Tapping Underground Energy with Heat Pumps

Using the heat of the Earth’s interior, you can heat your home with a ground source heat pump. This kind of heating is cheaper and better for the environment!