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portrait de Shenise Steele

Shenise Steele

Career Profiles

Welder, Metal Fabricator

I use robots to take pieces of steel and ‘glue’ them together with other metals to build structures.
portrait de Nikola Kenjic

Nikola Kanjic

Career Profiles

Mechanical Engineer

I design custom welding equipment to join metal pipes in places too dangerous or not accessible to human workers.
Kevin Stone travaille sur une sculpture en métal

Kevin Stone (he/him)

Career Profiles

Metal Sculpture Artist

I design and build metal sculptures.
Une personne portant des vêtements de protection, soudant un article.

Genevieve Ellis (she/her)

Career Profiles

Journey Person Boilermaker & Welding Supervisor

I oversee a group of welders and direct the work they do.
Soudeur en vêtements de protection soudant avec une torche

Donagh McAvinue

Career Profiles

Central Region Supervisor

I supervisor the CWB Certification Services Representatives.
portrait de Brad Moe

Brad Moe

Career Profiles

Welding Visual Testing Examiner

I oversee all level-one welding inspectors, check their hours and work, and track reports.
Welding trainee

What is Welding?


Learn about the science involved in combining two metals by welding.

Daniela Torelli dans un atelier de soudure.

Daniela Torelli

Welding Instructor

I teach the next generation of welders.

Wiebke Jansen

Welder Apprentice

I am a welder apprentice at Seaspan Shipyards.
Ben Davis

Benjamin Davis

Career Profiles

Territory Manager

Benjamin Davis is the Territory Manager for Walter Surfaces Technologies.
Brendon Clothier in his work place

Brendon Clouthier

Materials Technician

Brendon Clouthier is a Materials Technician for the Canadian Armed Forces.
Tim Wilkinson Plumber/Welder

Tim Wilkinson (Video)

Plumber/Welder, City Of Toronto

Tim Wilkinson is a Plumber/Welder for the City Of Toronto.
Stan Horton - Welder/Fitter

Stan Horton (Video)


Stan Horton is a Welder/Fitter. currently practicing in Ontario.
Rebecca Smith selfie at work

Rebecca Smith (Video)

Welder, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineer

Rebecca Smith is a Welder and Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineer for Pure Ingenuity.
Kaylyn Roloson - Metal Fabricator/Welder

Kaylyn Roloson (Video)

Metal Fabricator/Welder

Kaylyn Roloson is a Metal Fabricator/Welder, located in Ontario.