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Beijing National Olympic Stadium

Go for the Gold with STEM

Learn about how STEM powers the Winter Olympics.

Twenty-sided die

How Likely Is It?

Learn about probability, a branch of mathematics that helps us predict if something might happen.

Brittany Marchand | Golfeuse professionnelle LPGA

Brittany Marchand

Professional Golfer

Brittany Marchand is a professional golfer for the Ladies Professional Golf Association.
Mike McDonald | Fondateur-directeur général de Recess Guardians de la Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Mike McDonald

Founder/Executive Director

Mike McDonald is the Founder/Executive Director of Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians.
Ben Sit | Diététiste

Ben Sit

Registered Dietitian

Ben Sit is a registered dietitian, providing advice about nutrition and physical activity, in Ontario.
Simon Cooke | Physiothérapeute, Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy

Simon Cooke


Simon Cooke is a Physiotherapist for Kinsmen Sports Centre Physical Therapy.