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Respiratory System

Human lungs with scientists inside

Just Breathe: Lungs and Asthma

Learn about asthma and what scientists are doing to study it.

3D Illustration of human lungs

Respiratory System in Vertebrate Animals

Learn about how different animals breathe, from fish to humans.

Replica of the earliest wooden model stethoscope

Stethoscope Replica

Using stethoscopes, doctors can use sound waves to detect various health issues. Learn how this device has evolved since it was invented in 1816!

Students looking bored in class

Is There Too Much Carbon Dioxide in Your Classroom?

Did you know that too much carbon dioxide in the classroom can affect your body, and even your grades?

How much air do I breathe in?

How much air do I breathe in?

Learn how to measure lung capacity and about the factors that can affect our lung capacity in this hands on activity.

monster about to sneeze

How does snot work?

Make some fake snot and explore the function of mucus in this fun activity.

Cocoa beans and cocoa powder

Can Chocolate Make Your Brain Work Better?

Researchers have found that consuming foods rich in flavanols is linked to more efficient blood flow, which can improve brain function.