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Let's Talk Misinformation: Resources

Discover a set of resources to get you thinking about misinformation and its spread in advance of the symposium Let's Talk Misinformation.

Samantha Yammine

Samantha Yammine (she/her)

Science Communicator

I create and share engaging science content on social media.
Anaïs Remili tenant un sac de poissons à étudier.

Anaïs Remili (she/her)

Whale Researcher

I am doing research on pollution in killer whales.
Jason Tetro

Jason Tetro

Science Communicator

Jason is "the germ guy". He makes science research easier to understand.
Mary Omole devant une affiche de présentation

Mary Omole

Project Administrator

Mary Omole is a Project Administrator for the Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council.
Photo de Maggie MacLellan

Maggie MacLellan

Communications Specialist

Maggie MacLellan is a Communications Specialist for Western University’s BrainsCAN Initiative.
Vivienne  Jaehn-Kreibaum sur une pente de ski

Vivienne Jaehn-Kreibaum

Electrical Engineer

Vivienne Jaehn-Kreibaum is an Electrical Engineer for Facebook.
Laynie Perry | Conceptrice de contenu

Laynie Perry

Content Designer

Laynie Perry is the Content Designer for Moncur Associates Branding Agency.
Marcia Mordfield | Cataloguing Technician

Marcia Mordfield

Cataloguing Technician

Marcia Mordfield is a Cataloguing Technician for the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.
Lorraine Gouin | Agente, médias sociaux

Lorraine Gouin

Social Media Officer

Lorraine Gouin is the Social Media Officer for Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.