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Pushes & Pulls

Screen shot from The Solutioneers

The Solutioneers Week 1: An Unexpected Variable

This week's episodes and hands-on activity explore block programming.

Tennis Balls

Bouncing Objects

10 images of some spherical objects such as golf balls and tennis balls that are made of different materials and used for specific purposes

How can I move water with just a comb?

How can I move water with just a comb?

Have you ever experienced static electricity? Like when you pull a wool sweater over your head in the winter? See what else static electricity can do in this hands-on activity.

How can I make my own weighing scale?

How can I make my own weighing scale?

Make a scale from simple materials and test it to measure weight.

What do magnets do?

What do magnets do?

Have fun discovering what magnets can pick up in this hands on activity.

Tug-of-War game

Push and Pull

Students develop and apply Observing, Comparing & Contrasting and Sorting & Classifying skills as they explore the forces of push and pull acting on everyday objects.

Children’s play mat with pictures of a road and landmarks

Rosie's Walk

Students develop and apply communicating, sequencing and spatial reasoning skills as they create and navigate a maze to get Rosie the Hen safely home for lunch.

Marble run prototype

Design & Build a Marble Run

Students will work collaboratively to design and build a marble run that meets specific criteria.

Water slides

How Surfaces Affect Motion

Will it slide or stick? Students conduct a fair test to investigate how different solid surfaces affect the movement of an object on a ramp.