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Ashley Noseworthy avec l'océan derrière elle

Ashley Noseworthy

CEO/Founder of Edgewise Environmental

I own and operate an environmental consultancy that helps companies reduce their underwater noise pollution.
Light bulb and cord in shape of a head

Light and Sound Inventions that Changed the World

Students will explore the societal impacts of inventions involving light and sound.

Amy King

Careers with Light and Sound

Students complete a jigsaw activity to learn about careers involving light and sound.

Amy King dans un studio d'enregistrement

Amy King

Music Producer / Recording Engineer

Amy King is a Music Producer / Recording Engineer for Grant Avenue Studio.
How does sound travel?

How does sound travel?

Try out this cool activity to hear sound vibrations.

Two children listening to sounds

Sound Travels

Students explore how sound travels using a variety of materials.

Rattle drum

Design & Build a Musical Instrument

Students will use their predicting skills to design and build a musical instrument that is able to change sounds.