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Olivia Ivany headshot outside with trees and green field in background

Olivia Ivany

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

I perform different kinds of ultrasounds on different parts of the body.
Shown is a collection of coloured pencil crayons lined up in different sizes to look like a bar chart.

Data as Art

Learn about how data can be used to blend math and art.

Ashley Noseworthy avec l'océan derrière elle

Ashley Noseworthy

CEO/Founder of Edgewise Environmental

I own and operate an environmental consultancy that helps companies reduce their underwater noise pollution.
Amy King

Careers with Light and Sound

Students complete a jigsaw activity to learn about careers involving light and sound.

Light bulb and cord in shape of a head

Light and Sound Inventions that Changed the World

Students will explore the societal impacts of inventions involving light and sound.

Amy King dans un studio d'enregistrement

Amy King

Music Producer / Recording Engineer

Amy King is a Music Producer / Recording Engineer for Grant Avenue Studio.
​​​​​​​The Electronic Sackbut Synthesizer

Who Created the Electronic Synthesizer?

A Canadian researcher built the first voltage-controlled synthesizer in the 1940s.

Sound waves

What is Sound and How do we Hear it?

Learn how sound travels in waves and how it is measured in this backgrounder.

Replica of the earliest wooden model stethoscope

Stethoscope Replica

Using stethoscopes, doctors can use sound waves to detect various health issues. Learn how this device has evolved since it was invented in 1816!

 Sound waves and sound-producing devices. Image © jop_pop,

Sound vs. Noise

What is the difference between sound and noise? How do they affect your hearing? And is noise always a bad thing?

Graphic of a tuning fork with sound waves coming out of both sides.

Exploring Sound

Students will learn about and explore the properties of sound through activity centres.

How does sound travel?

How does sound travel?

Try out this cool activity to hear sound vibrations.

Rattle drum

Design & Build a Musical Instrument

Students will learn about the properties of sound as they design, test and build a musical instrument.