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Considering Perspectives

Three cartoon figures consulting

Troika Consulting

This learning strategy helps students find solutions with the support of a collaborative group.

Puzzle of a human head with a light bulb coming out of the top

Used to Think, Now I Think

This strategy helps students reflect on how their understanding or thinking may have shifted after exploring or learning about a concept, idea, or perspective.

Crumpled yellow paper made to look like a lightbulb


This learning strategy helps students activate prior knowledge or share ideas in an anonymous, safe way.

Group of people brainstorming

First Turn, Last Turn

This strategy helps students collaborate and practice active listening by taking turns to offer insights without cross-talking.

Students discussing a subject in the classroom

Knowledge Building Circle

This strategy helps students co-construct collective knowledge.

Figure stepping up a set of stairs

Considering Perspectives - Step in, Step out, Step back

This strategy helps students develop a respectful approach to taking on another person’s perspective.

The four 8's in a standard deck of cards

Crazy 8s

This strategy helps students to brainstorm ideas as a group.

Key Ideas Round Robin

Key Ideas Round Robin

This strategy helps students consider the perspectives of others as they summarize key ideas

People connected together

Issues & Stakeholders

This strategy helps students develop critical thinking skills by identifying issues and stakeholders

Consequence map

Consequence Mapping

This strategy helps students to think deeply about the causes and effects of real or imaginary events, issues, or technologies.


Consensus Mat

This strategy helps a group of students share and discuss ideas in order to produce a collective, agreed-upon response.