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DNA Structure

Student uses a pipet to extract DNA with other students looking on.

Fish Market Survey

Senior biology students use a DNA barcoding kit to test local grocery store fish samples, and discover if the fish they bought is mislabeled and part of food fraud!

Christopher Wynder

Dr. Christopher Wynder

Director, Product Marketing

Dr. Christopher Wynder is the Director of Product Marketing for OpenText
Research in a genomics lab

Genomics Resources

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to genomics.

Graphic representation of the DNA sequence

Sanger Sequencing

Learn about DNA sequencing and the Sanger Sequencing method.

Calico cat

The Science Behind the Calico Cat's Colours

The patchwork fur colour of Calico and tortoiseshell cats is an interesting case of genetics, heredity and sex-linked traits.

Photo de Paul Gordon au travail

Paul Gordon

Bioinformatics Manager

Paul Gordon is a Bioinformatics Manager at the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute.
Mitosis of kidney cells © Ian P Newton & Paul L Appleton [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons

What is Mitosis?

Mitosis is an important part of cell division that helps organisms grow and repair themselves.

DNA barcoding used to test food

The Classification of Life: From Linnaeus to DNA Barcoding

Learn about two taxonomy systems that scientists use to classify the life around us.

Down Syndrome karyotype

Meiosis Mistakes

Errors during meiosis can alter the number of chromosomes in cells and lead to genetic disorders.

DNA "unzipping"

How can I obtain a sample of DNA?

Be a biochemist! Learn how to extract DNA from an onion and find out what DNA looks like.

a boy looks at a hamburger

Do You Know What's On Your Plate?

In 2013, many Europeans learned their beef lasagnas were actually made of horse meat. Learn about food fraud, and how a Canadian invention can help detect it.

Hand with screwdriver “repairing” DNA

DNA Damage and Repair

This backgrounder explains the different ways that cells repair damage to DNA.

Test tubes in a laboratory

DNA Extraction

Learn the basics of how DNA can be extracted from cells.

Damage to DNA

Radiation Effects on Cells & DNA

This backgrounder explains the effects of radiation on cells and DNA.