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Plant Processes

Vegetables and fruits on display

Plant Pigments


Why are there so many colours of plants? Learn about plant pigments and their role in plants.

Pepper plants on the ISS

Tropisms in Plants


Learn about the different ways that plants move in response to their environments.

Plant Cells with Visible Chloroplasts

Specialized Cells of the Leaf System


Learn about the structure and function of the cells in leaves.

Seedling with sunlight

Light & Plants


Learn about the process of photosynthesis and how it is affected by light levels.

Soil and plant in hands

Experiment with plants!

STEM Explained

List of hand-on activities connected to plants

Coniferous and deciduous trees covered in snow

How Do Trees Survive in Winter?

STEM Explained

What adaptations and processes do trees in northern climates have to survive winter?

Leaf and the Sun

Plant Functions


Learn about the important plant functions of photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration

Water droplets on succulent leaves

How Do Plants Survive in the Desert?

STEM Explained

Plants need to exchange gases and water with their environment as part of photosynthesis. Some plant cells have evolved specifically for this purpose.

How does water move up a plant?

How does water move up a plant?

Hands-on Activities

Do an experiment with celery to learn about the structures that help plants take up water.

Lawn mower mowing grass

How Do Plants Use Chemical Signalling?

STEM Explained

How do plants use scents? Learn how some plants use chemical signals to send messages to animals or other plants.

Green walls in Harvard University

Green Walls

STEM Explained

Green walls use plant processes to improve air quality in buildings.

Massive algal bloom

Eutrophication: Why you should care about pond scum

STEM Explained

When fertilizers from agriculture get into lakes and rivers, big problems can result for aquatic ecosystems, food chains & webs!