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Nitrogen Cycle

various marine microorganisms as they appear under a microscope

Marine Microbiology: Meet the Microbes of the Sea!

The ocean is full of very small but very useful creatures called microbes. Without them, none of the sea plants or animals you’ve seen would exist!

Cartoon leaf holding an umbrella over baby plant

What is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is any precipitation that has an unusually low pH. It can be rain, snow, fog, etc. But what is a low pH and why is this a problem?

Hamilton, Ontario industrial area with Toronto skyline in the background

What are Greenhouse Gases?

This backgrounder explains what greenhouse gases are and how they contribute to climate change.

Cars driving through thick smog

Vehicle Emissions Primer

This backgrounder describes how vehicle emissions work and how they affect air quality, including their contribution to smog.

Nitrogen symbol from periodic table

Understanding the Nitrogen Cycle

What is the nitrogen cycle? How do human activities such as using fertilizer affect the nitrogen cycle? How can this cause greenhouse gases?

Massive algal bloom

Eutrophication: Why you should care about pond scum?

When fertilizers from agriculture get into lakes and rivers, big problems can result for aquatic ecosystems, food chains & webs!