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Unit 4: Habitats and Communities

Image header for the Living In A Warming World interactive

Living In A Warming World Interactive


Lexie is on a mission to help these animals with their Climate Change challenges.

Front cover of Living In A Warming World

Living In A Warming World


A pdf eBook focusing on Canadian animals and how they adapt to different conditions, introducing the impacts of climate change.

Walking trail through trees and tall grasses

Exploring Habitats


Students will make observations and inferences about three different habitats.

Western Toad

Frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts, oh my!


Learn about amphibians, their life in the coastal temperate rainforest biome, and how you can help them out!

Coyote walking through a park in Quebec

Coyotes: Coming to a town near you?

STEM Explained

Learn why coyotes are spreading in Canada and how this affects their relations with humans.

Image of a tide pool

Diversity of Canada’s Marine Coastal Habitats


Learn about the plants and animals in Canada’s marine coastal habitats, and what you can do to protect them.

Red jellyfish

Life in the Deep Sea


Learn about the unique creatures that live in deep sea ecosystems.

White water rafting on the Fraser River in British Columbia

Introduction to Rivers & Streams


Learn about the physical geography, chemistry and ecology of rivers and streams.

Boat on a lake at sunset

Humans and Freshwater Ecosystems


Learn about how people impact the ecosystems of lakes and rivers.

Aerial view of a wetland

Introduction to Freshwater Wetlands


Learn about the geology, chemistry and ecology of freshwater wetlands.

Pond in a valley

Introduction to Lakes & Ponds


Learn about the geology, chemistry and ecology of lakes and ponds.

Bee on flower covered in pollen

Pollinators are Important!

STEM Explained

Insects and other animals that are pollinators of plants play an important role in ecosystems.

Julie Koloff au travail à l'extérieur

Julie Koloff

Career Profiles

Wetland Specialist

Julie Koloff is a Wetland Specialist for Jacobs, located in Alberta.
Diana Chomack

Diana Chomack

Environmental Planner

Diana Chomack is an Environmental Planner for Jacobs, located in British Columbia.
Dense tropical rainforest

Tropical Rainforest Biome


Learn about the location, plants, animals, human impacts and conservation of tropical rainforest biome.