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Simple Machines

Children on teeter-totter

Simple Machines - Levers

The lever is a type of simple machine. Learn about the different classes of levers and how they provide mechanical advantage.

Ferris Wheel: The London Eye

Simple Machines: Wheels And Axles

6 images of some objects such as ferris wheels and skate boards with wheel and axle mechanisms that create rotary movement


Simple Machines: Wedges

6 images of some tools such as axes and spikes that are inclined planes and used to help push objects apart

Wood Screw

Simple Machines: Screws

5 images of some objects such as corkscrews that have a mechanism of an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder to create movement

Pulley with Chains

Simple Machines: Pulleys

6 images of some objects such as in fitness equipment which use wheels with grooves in their rims called pulleys for movement

Seesaw [Class 1 Lever]

Simple Machines: Levers

6 images of some objects such as tweezers, scissors and wheel barrows that use the lever principle to create movement for a specific purpose

Roller Coaster

Simple Machines: Inclined Planes

5 images of examples where inclined planes are used to help lift or move objects such as ramps for accessibility or entertainment

How does a wheelbarrow help you carry heavy loads?

How does a wheelbarrow help you carry heavy loads?

In this hands on activity build a wheelbarrow from simple materials to explore just how useful simple machines can be!

Catapult near Castle Saint-Angel, Italy

Design & Build a Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Students work collaboratively to design and build a device that uses simple machines to launch ping-pong balls.