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Unit C: Circular Motion, Work and Energy

Lunar lander floating above the moon, with the Earth in the background

Let's Talk Space Exploration Resources

Discover a set of resources to develop background knowledge on the topic of space exploration.

Satellites orbiting Earth

Introduction to Satellites

Learn about the history, functions, and types of satellites.

Astronauts from the Apollo Mission landing on the moon.

Let's Talk Lunar Resources

Discover some background information on how we'll learn to live and work on the Moon - and beyond!

ChaoticMind75 - iStock

Why is it colder in the winter even though the Earth is closer to the Sun?

Learn why we have seasons in this hands on activity.

Space junk

Space Junk

Litter isn't just a problem on Earth. When litter ends up in space, it can cause collisions and other consequences for satellites, the International Space Station and even for people on Earth!

Ferris Wheel: The London Eye

Simple Machines: Wheels And Axles

6 images of some objects such as ferris wheels and skate boards with wheel and axle mechanisms that create rotary movement

How can you lift a marble off a table without touching it with your hands?

How can you lift a marble off a table without touching it with your hands?

Is it magic? No - it’s physics! Use circular motion to overcome the force of gravity and amaze your family!

Teenage boys arm wrestling at school

Arm Wrestling and Torque

Arm wrestling isn’t just a test of strength. It’s also a test of how well you understand torque.

Planet and asteroid orbits around the Sun

Orbital Mechanics

This backgrounder helps explain the laws of Orbital Mechanics, including Newton’s Laws.