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Human Body

L. Creighton Avery looking at specimen using a microscope in her lab.

L. Creighton Avery


I examine human skeletal remains from archaeological sites to learn about their lives.
Portrait de Megan Katz

Megan Katz

Prosthetic Technician

Megan is a prosthetic technician who makes and repairs artificial limbs.
Shari Forbes à l'extérieur du centre de décomposition humaine

Shari Forbes (she/her/elle)

Forensic Scientist

I conduct research to understand how the human body decomposes in our unique Canadian environment.
What is in blood?

What is in blood?

Make a model of blood and learn about the function of each of the parts that makes up blood.



5 images representing the senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching

monster about to sneeze

How does snot work?

Make some fake snot and explore the function of mucus in this fun activity.

How can I take fingerprints?

How can I take fingerprints?

In this activity learn how to collect fingerprints, about the patterns in fingerprints and why fingerprinting is so useful!

Brigitte Potvin | Directrice de la recherche et ingénieure

Brigitte Potvin

Research Manager & Engineer

Brigitte Potvin is a research manager and engineer for the injury prevention and mobility laboratory of Simon Fraser University.