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Seedling with sunlight

Light & Plants

Learn about the process of photosynthesis and how it is affected by light levels.

Amy King

Careers with Light and Sound

Students complete a jigsaw activity to learn about careers involving light and sound.

Creative ideas picture

Attributes and Skills of Innovators

Students explore the attributes and skills that can make someone a successful innovator.

Light bulb and cord in shape of a head

Light and Sound Inventions that Changed the World

Students will explore the societal impacts of inventions involving light and sound.

Abstract light pattern

Light and Its Properties

Learn about light and its properties.

Adult and children looking through telescope

The Optics of Telescopes

Learn about telescopes, how they work & why they're important to astronomers.

Why is everything so small down there?

Why is everything so small down there?

Explore how we see things far and near and from different angles. It's all about perspective!

Two faces each with one eye visible

Why do we need two eyes to see?

Ever wondered why we have two eyes (and not one, three or more)? Find how your two eyes work together in this hands-on activity.

Circle of colours

What is white light?

Find out what happens if you spin the colours of the rainbow in this hands-on activity.

Water: A Natural Reflector


7 images of some objects that can reflect light such as mirrors, Mylar balloons and water

Is a green apple always green?

Is a green apple always green?

What does light have to do with colour? Observe some colourful fruit under different conditions to learn why we see the colours we see!

Colourful sunglasses

How Do We See Colour?

How does the human eye see visible light as colour? And why do some people see more colours than others?

How do movies move?

How do movies move?

Explore the concept of persistence of vision in this hands on activity.

How do I see colour?

How do I see colour?

How is light connected to the colours we see? In this STEAM activity make a colourful light catcher and discover why we see different colours?