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Strand C: Pathogens and Diseases

Cartoon bacteria through a magnifying glass

Design your own bacteria!

Hands-on Activities

How could you design a new type of bacteria that helps people?

Hand holding petri dish with bacteria

Colouring Clothing with Bacteria


Learn about using bacteria to colour clothing.

PET-ase bacteria

Plastic-Eating Bacteria: Nature's Recyclers


Learn how bacteria can help solve the world’s plastic problem.

Marianne Parent headshot taken outside with trees in the background

Marianne Parent (she/her)

Career Profiles

Veterinarian and PhD Candidate (Animal Epidemiology)

I am a doctor to cats and dogs, as well as some other animals, such as parrots and rabbits. I also do research into a parasite of farmed salmon.
portrait de Sara Matthews

Sara Matthews

Career Profiles

Researcher - Environmental Microbiology

I help identify sources of bacteria that cause disease and understand how they survive there.
Harvesting plants

Using Plants to Make Medicines


Learn how plants can be used to make vaccines.

portrait de Rhiannon Cooper

Rhiannon Cooper (she/her)

Career Profiles


I monitor the patterns and trends of infectious diseases across the province.
Illustration of an empty box with a question mark

Let's Talk Misinformation: Resources


Discover a set of resources to get you thinking about misinformation and its spread in advance of the symposium Let's Talk Misinformation.

Allison Guitor

Allison Guitor

Career Profiles

Researcher - Antibiotic Resistance

I study antibiotic resistance, which is what makes bacteria able to live in the presence of antibiotics.
Manpreet Kaur dans son laboratoire

Manpreet Kaur (She/Her)

Career Profiles

Postdoctoral Fellow

I work on research projects to discover drugs to treat infectious diseases.
Portrait de Isha Berry

Isha Berry

Career Profiles


I look for patterns in disease outbreaks and health outcomes in populations across the world.
Portrait de Jasmin Chahal

Jasmin Chahal

Career Profiles

Assistant Professor

I teach in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology at McGill University.
Medical Equipment and Instruments

Medicine and Science: Resources


Discover a set of resources designed to get you thinking about the intersection of medicine and science.

Rod Russell

Dr. Rod Russell

Professor of Virology and Immunology

I run a research lab where we study viruses and how they cause disease.
Dr. Arinjay Banerjee dans son labo

Arinjay Banerjee (he/him)

Research Scientist and Principal Investigator

I am a scientist and I study how viruses evolve and interact with our immune system.