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Thermal Energy

Green leaf inside

Earth Month: Green Energy

An overview of environmentally-friendly ways to generate electricity and power our vehicles

Hands holding a hot mug

Introduction to Heat Transfer

Learn about the different ways that heat is transferred.

hermographic image a woman’s head and neck

Thermal Imaging

Learn about uses of thermal imaging as a medical imaging technology.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Explore the greenhouse effect and learn about the impacts it can have on the environment.

What is an exothermic reaction?

What is an exothermic reaction?

Things are heating up! Explore the temperature change that occurs in an exothermic reaction and the role of catalysts is this chemistry activity.

Digital Baking Thermometer

Tools: Thermometers

6 images of some instruments such as clinical and baking thermometers that have been designed to measure temperature for specific purposes

International Space Station in the rays of the Sun

Temperature on Earth and on the ISS

Temperature is an important part of life on Earth and life in space. This backgrounder explains what temperature is, how it affects people and how it is controlled on the International Space Station.

Polar bear and two cubs

How do animals stay warm in the winter?

Animals have some unique adaptations to stay warm. Discover what conduction of heat and insulation have to do with staying warm!