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Content Knowledge: CK 1 .2

Test tubes with colourful liquids

Evidence of Chemical Change

Learn how to tell if a chemical reaction has taken place.

Electroplating equipment

Chemical Reactions: Conditions & Speeds

Learn about the special conditions that let some chemical reactions take place.

What is an exothermic reaction?

What is an exothermic reaction?

Things are heating up! Explore the temperature change that occurs in an exothermic reaction and the role of catalysts is this chemistry activity.

A person’s hand holding a cold pack on an ankle

The Cold Pack: A Chilly Example of an Endothermic Reaction

When you hurt your ankle, thermodynamics can help you heal! An endothermic reaction reduces the swelling by cooling your injury.

illustration of a hydrogen car

The History and Uses of Hydrogen

Hydrogen’s tendency towards combustion is what makes it both a dangerous chemical element and a useful energy source.