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Body Systems

Anatomical images of different animals

Musculoskeletal Systems in the Animal Kingdom

Learn how animals move themselves with the help of their muscles and skeletons.

Dispatcher's office


Emergency Medical Dispatcher

3D illustration of a human brain

Resources on Brains

Resource page including articles, videos, and career profiles related to brains.

Doctor pointing to a knee x-ray

Why a Trip to Outer Space Could Be Bad for Your Bones

Astronauts can experience bone loss in space. To understand why, you need to know a bit about how bones are formed and maintained in your body.

Condensation on a window pane

Humidity on Earth and on the Space Station

Humidity is an important part of life on Earth and life in space. This backgrounder explains what humidity is, how it is measured and how it affects us both mentally and physically.

How fast does a heart pump blood?

How fast does a heart pump blood?

Get active in this activity and explore the impact of exercise on your heart rate. Ready, set, GO!

How fast can you react?

How fast can you react?

What is a reflex? Test your reaction time and find out why reflexes are important in this challenge activity.

How much air do I breathe in?

How much air do I breathe in?

Learn how to measure lung capacity and about the factors that can affect our lung capacity in this hands on activity.