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The Earth and Space: Astronomical processes

MOXIE unit

Carbon Dioxide and Space Missions


Learn about how people control carbon dioxide levels in spacecraft such as the ISS.

Heat pipe in a laptop

Heat and Space Missions


Learn about how people control heat in spacecraft such as the ISS and Orion.

Light meter in front of solar eclipse

Learning About Lux: Light and Solar Eclipses


Students will observe, measure, record and graph light levels during a real or simulated solar eclipse.

Earth with ruler

3 Part Math Task - Modeling a Total Solar Eclipse


Students will learn about the size and position of the Sun, moon and Earth during a solar eclipse using a 3-Part Math Task.

Dominique Poulin headshot

Dominique Poulin

Career Profiles

Mission Scientist

I am in charge of a mission whose goal is to acquire data from space, to monitor water quality in coastal areas and inland waters (e.g. algae).
A family watches an eclipse

Eclipse Watching

Hands-on Activities

Things to do on solar eclipse day!

Lenny and Lexie wearing eclipse glasses

Lenny and Lexie Get Ready for a Solar Eclipse

Hands-on Activities

Help Lenny and Lexie get ready for a solar eclipse using your unplugged coding skills.

Child using box eclipse viewer

Three Ways to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer

Hands-on Activities

Safely view a solar eclipse by making and using a pinhole solar eclipse viewer.

Headshot of David Saint-Jacques

Let's Talk Space Rocks Resources


Discover a set of resources to introduce you to the world of space rocks

Portrait de Evaline Warmels

Evaline Warmels

Career Profiles

Mechatronic Engineer

I design, build, and test devices that use electricity to do something that a human couldn't do on their own.
Benjamin Pauquet

Benjamin Pauquet (he/him)

Career Profiles

Mechanical and Materials Engineer

I design parts for off-road and off-planet vehicles.
Lunar rover in its testing environment, created to mimic conditions on the Moon.

Designing Rovers for the Moon’s Extreme Environment


Learn about the extreme environment on the Moon and the challenges this poses for designing lunar rovers.

Daedulus crater on the Moon

Impact Craters


Learn about how craters are formed and about some of Canada's impact craters.

Artemis I Liftoff

Artemis Goes to the Moon!


Learn about NASA’s Space Launch System, which includes the Boeing-built Core Stage, and how it got Orion to the Moon and back again.

Rover on the Moon

Can you design a rover that can survive on the moon?

Hands-on Activities

Design a lunar rover that can survive in the moon’s extreme environment.