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Harvesting plants

Using Plants to Make Medicines

Learn how plants can be used to make vaccines.

Rod Russell

Dr. Rod Russell

Professor of Virology and Immunology

I run a research lab where we study viruses and how they cause disease.
Dr. Arinjay Banerjee dans son labo

Arinjay Banerjee (he/him)

Research Scientist and Principal Investigator

I am a scientist and I study how viruses evolve and interact with our immune system.
Working at laptop with stethoscope on desk

Summer Symposium Series: Health Sciences Career Resources

A career in the health sciences would let you help people directly in a very 'hands-on' way!

Medical staff distributing COVID-19 vaccines

What’s Special About the New COVID-19 Vaccines?

Learn about viruses, vaccines and why the new COVID-19 vaccines are innovative.

Medical supplies and Canada flag

Creating a Vaccine for COVID-19 in Canada

Learn how vaccines are developed, how they work and how some scientists in Canada are researching vaccines for COVID-19.

Yellow fever virus

Where Did Viruses Come From?

Viruses are not living things - so where did they come from? Scientists have proposed three different hypotheses.

Icon showing a syringe on a shield

Herd Immunity: How Vaccines Protect the Most Vulnerable

What is herd immunity and how does it protect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities?

Infant receiving a vaccination

Immunity and Vaccination

Learn about the history of vaccines and how vaccines trigger an immune response that keep us from getting some dangerous diseases.

Photo de Rosadelle Tirados à son bureau

Rosadelle Tirados

Biomedical Scientist

Rosadelle Tirados is a Biomedical Scientist for the National Health Service.
Cartoon coronavirus overlayed with a “no” symbol

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 learning resources and suggestions for discussing with students.


Introduction to Viruses

Learn about the basics of viruses.

man sick with the flu

The Surprising Reason You Feel Awful When You're Sick

Viruses can make you feel awful! This article explains how feeling bad might be your immune system’s way of helping you heal.

An artist’s rendition of a bacteriophage

Phages vs. Antibiotics

Many doctors prescribe antibiotics to cure infections. But should they be prescribing viruses instead?

Bottle of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine

Measles and Measles Prevention

Learn about the measles virus, its impact and vaccination for prevention of the disease.