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Hand writing chemical equations

Chemical Equations

Learn about how to write and balance chemical equations.

Colourful liquids and periodic table

Describing and Classifying Matter

Learn about the physical and chemical properties of matter.

Timothy Burkhart

Query a Career Profile

Students will explore career profiles and relate them to what they are learning in science class.

A set of lipstick in various colours

The Chemistry of Lipstick

Learn about the organic compounds that make up lipstick as well as about some of the chemistry that goes into this popular cosmetic.

An image showing the symbol, atomic number and relative atomic mass of sodium. Sodium’s symbol is Na, its atomic number is 11 and its relative atomic mass is approximately 22.99.  Image ©

Na Na Na Na (Hey Hey Hey) Sodium!

Sodium is a useful chemical element. You consume it as table salt regularly. Learn about salt mining, sodium uses, and what problems too much sodium can cause.

Close-up of an amethyst geode

What is a Crystal?

Learn what makes a crystal a crystal.