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Earth’s Interior

Earth’s layers

Structure of the Earth

Learn about the layers of the Earth and discover how people explore the Earth’s crust.

Sarah Lockwood headshot taken outside with snow in the background

Sarah Lockwood (she/her)

Mine Geologist

I study the geology of an area to figure out where diamonds are located.
Lesley Hymers à côté d'une pépite de cuivre géante à l'extérieur du musée McBride, à Whitehorse, au Yukon.

Lesley Hymers

Manager, Education and Outreach Programs

I work for an organization that provides Earth science and mineral resources education.
Lisa Phiri dans une mine souterraine

Lisa T. Phiri

Mining Geologist

I examine rocks in an underground mine to determine the amount and location of gold.
Max Salman aux commandes d'un avion.

Max Salman

PH.D. Student / Affiliate Researcher

I ask questions to things that don’t have answers yet.
Cross-section of the Earth showing layers.

Why does the Earth have Layers?

An in-depth look at how the Earth got its layers.

Natalie Swanson | Géologue pétrolière

Natalie Swanson

Petroleum Geologist

Natalie Swanson is a Petroleum Geologist, located in Alberta.
Abandoned superstructure of Kola Superdeep borehole

The Deepest Hole in the World

Drilling into Earth’s Interior is no easy task. The Kola Superdeep Borehole is one of the projects that tried to do it.

The rocky planets

The Inner Solar System

Earth is covered in rocks. So are Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon. Does that mean the rocky planets are all the same?

Heat pump diagram

Tapping Underground Energy with Heat Pumps

Using the heat of the Earth’s interior, you can heat your home with a ground source heat pump. This kind of heating is cheaper and better for the environment!

Magnified image of a ringwoodite crystal

Ringwoodite and the Deep Water Cycle

The water in the oceans has travelled vast distances. It has even time spent deep below the surface of the Earth, trapped inside the mineral ringwoodite.

Earth seafloor crust

Plate Tectonics

The surface of the Earth is constantly moving, and earthquakes and volcanoes occur, because of plate tectonics.

Georgetown, Australia

How Did a Piece of Canada End Up in Australia?

Learn how geologists used radioactive dating to uncover geology shared by both Canada and Australia.

Joel Shank | Géoscientifique, Société d’exploitation et de développement d’Hibernia

Joel Shank


Joel Shank is a geoscientist at Hibernia Management and Development Company.
Megan Laracy | Géologuel Canada Ltd

Megan Laracy


Megan Laracy is a Geologist for ExxonMobil Canada Ltd.