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Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Himalayan mountains

Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

Learn about the Theories of Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics and discover what happens when plates collide!

Geologists with seismograph

How can you build your own seismograph?

Build your own seismograph using common household materials.

Volcanologists looking at glowing lava

Career Exploration : Volcanologist

Students construct a model of a volcano and explore the career of a volcanologist.

Aerial of Gas well Marcellus Shale Formation in northern West Virginia

What is Fracking?

The fracking process gets natural gases out of rocks. This process can have effects on freshwater, water quality and even earthquakes!

Magnified image of a ringwoodite crystal

Ringwoodite and the Deep Water Cycle

The water in the oceans has travelled vast distances. It has even time spent deep below the surface of the Earth, trapped inside the mineral ringwoodite.

Earth seafloor crust

Plate Tectonics

The surface of the Earth is constantly moving, and earthquakes and volcanoes occur, because of plate tectonics.

How can I make a volcano?

How can I make a volcano?

Create a model of an erupting volcano and learn about the structures of a stratovolcano in this hands-on activity.