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States of Water

Beijing National Olympic Stadium

Go for the Gold with STEM

Learn about how STEM powers the Winter Olympics.

Sea ice

Ice on Earth - The Cryosphere

Learn about the cryosphere and how it is being impacted by climate change.


Weather: Precipitation

Learn about humidity and the many forms of precipitation.

Ice technician on a zamboni at an outdoor skating rink

The Hidden Heroes of Hockey!

Ice Technicians use math and physics in order to keep the ice ready for hockey.

Clouds seen from an airplane

Weather: Clouds

This backgrounder describes the three major types of clouds.

People playing ice hockey

Why Do Ice Rinks Stay Frozen?

Every ice rink is an example of molecular bonding and gas laws at work!

The water cycle

What is the Water Cycle?

Students develop the skills of observing and recording observations as they explore how the water cycle works.

Downhill Skiing

Seasonal Activities: Winter

13 images of some activities that may happen in the winter such as snowboarding, skating and playing hockey on ice

Solid ice on the far cave wall and liquid water in the pool in front of it

Properties of Liquids and Solids

Students develop and apply observing, comparing & contrasting and predicting skills as they explore the properties of common liquids and solids.

How much of an iceberg is on top of water?

How much of an iceberg is on top of water?

In this hands on activity find out just how much of an iceberg is below the surface. It might surprise you!